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Kerry Stephens 

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Kerry is the director and founder of KFS Recruitment. 

Kerry fell into recruitment in 2003, after spending her teenage years selling everything from windows to cars. Kerry loved the job instantly and still loves it to this day. Kerry gets great satisfaction from her role especially when she knows that a candidate has bettered their future by taking a position she has presented to them. 

She is hugely proud of managing her team from her base in Sydney and the special culture that we have at KFS. We all support each other and love nothing more than watching each other succeed. 


Kerry says:

"Managing to rely on my team so that I can raise my three gorgeous babies in the day and work nocturnally at night is something that I am super proud of. I have never missed a significant moment in my children’s lives, whether it be an Easter Hat Parade, an assembly or a taekwondo presentation. My life is manic and I’m awake for 21 hours a day during the week, but what a life! The best job, the best family, and a grateful heart."

Kerry loves:

Country music (she has even written hundreds of her own songs) 

Charity work paying particular attention to charities that help children with parents who have substance/ alcohol abuse. It’s a cause close to my heart.

Fun facts:

She has  performed on TV a few times with my brother and sister (singing)

She can say the alphabet backwards faster than she can forwards.

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