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Terms and Conditions 

KFS Recruitment £200 Amazon Voucher Referral Scheme 

For referring a candidate or a client to us, we will reward you with a £200 Amazon voucher, if the following conditions apply:

  • A candidate you have referred to us has successfully been offered a position by one of our clients, has accepted the offer and has completed at least three calendar months of employment in that role.

  • A client has been referred to us, they have signed our terms of business and we have a live vacancy with them. 


The reward will be payable after three months, which is when the candidate's rebate period has passed. For clients, we need to have had at least one interview completed, for the reward to be payable.


Please note, that we reserve the right to offer an alternative reward of the same value, this is eligible for UK residents only. 

Also, if you recommend a candidate, that is already registered on our system, the reward will not be granted.

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